The success of this addition to the Hobart dining scene comes as no surprise to those who know Susan Catchpool and Garry Baker.

Flanked by the waters of the River Derwent, Hobart sits below the majestic kunanyi / Mount Wellington. A combination of National Trust classified buildings and a modern city, Hobart offers old-world charm and a palpable sense of history.

Settled in 1803, Hobart’s sea trade and ship-building industry began to flourish in the 1830s around the warehouses of Salamanca Place. These buildings, including that which houses Rockwall, are amongst the most stunning sandstone Georgian warehouses in Australia.

Rockwall bar + grill was established in November 2008 by well known local restaurateur Susan Catchpool and former Australian Rules footballer Garry Baker. Following his years with Melbourne Football Club and Footscray Football Club, Garry retired and settled in Tasmania, opening a number of pubs and restaurants in and around the city.

Having worked in the restaurant trade for more than 20 years, Susan recognised Hobart’s need for an establishment which offers quality Tasmanian food in a relaxed environment.

Susan and Garry joined forces with Paul Little, Max Forster and Australian Rules footy legend Ron Barassi—three like-minded mates who have joined Garry in trekking the Kokoda Trail and mountain-biking in Mongolia—resulting in the opening of Rockwall bar + grill Salamanca in late 2008 to local acclaim.

Fast becoming a dining institution, Rockwall offers visitors and Hobartians alike, the opportunity to view history from the inside. This amazing warehouse has withstood the test of time and has been artfully outfitted to accommodate modern and relaxed dining.